Monday, June 13, 2011

Student Original Piano Compositions - Part 2

From time to time, I will be adding videos of my students performing a composition they have written. Each student is at a different stage in their learning process, and several students have learning challenges. But, each one of these students has learned to create music that they and their families can be very proud of. In my student's compositions, I give them plenty of "wiggle room" when it comes to musical form. I give them a basic chord progression, but they can add additional chords into their music and "go outside the box" -- as long as it sounds good to them. Through this process, they are learning how to "hear" what sounds good together, as well as learning the theory behind WHY it sounds that way. The students learned how to write their compositions from my book "Chord Piano Is Fun!" I hope you enjoy these videos!

You can see Part 1 of Student Compositions by clicking HERE.

"Russian Rainfall” by Audrey F.

This haunting song is called "Russian Rainfall" and was composed by Audrey F., one of my 12 year old students. It is written in the key of A Minor. We hope you enjoy it!

"Uncharted Course" by Justin Z.

Justin is one of my 12 year old students who has written and performed the following song. I asked him if he could make it longer, because it finished too soon and I wanted to hear more! 

"Stand Proud" by “Mr. Watts”

This is a fun song by one of my youngest students, Stuart, affectionately called "Mr. Watts". He likes to write his music with this pen name.

He wanted you to know that he worked very hard on this song and although it is not perfect, he did his best work and likes how it turned out. His teacher is also very proud of him! Good job, Mr. Watts!